1. What will my report look like?
    For my home Inspection report I use Check list type software package from Home Inspector Pro. Visit the website www.homeinspectorpro.com and click on samples. This allows you to see a sample report.
    A Lead Paint form is a standard Maryland MDE form 330.
    Water Testing will be a listing of tests and results depending on what you ordered
    Septic tanks and drain fields have a separate report. A blank report will be under the Septic Tank Tab.
  2. How much will it cost?
    The cost will vary depending on many factors, size, age, general condition, restrictions to access, etc. I will give a 10% discount when combining multiple inspection services on the same visit. Building, water, septic, and lead are all considered separate services.
  3. Do I need to be there?
    No, but you should be. I like to involve my clients during the inspection process. I attempt to put as much detail as possible in each report but showing the client directly and then following with the report is the best process.
  4. How long will it take?
    I do not work by a clock, and do not have a set time. I take as long as I need to give you a through report. An average home inspection is between 4 & 6 hours. Naturally if you have ordered additional services the time frame is longer.
  5. When and how do I pay?
    I can deposit local checks and take credit cards with my smart phone. Payment is expected at time of service. Out of state clients are requested to pay in advance by credit card or certified funds.